FREE Science Class: The Astronomy of Stars and Planets

Relax while your kids have fun learning science and I do all the teaching for you!

Stars, Planets, and the Night Sky

Take an intergalactic tour of the universe without leaving your seat! Discover which planets are up in the night sky and how to find them, including how to see the moons of Saturn and Jupiter with only a simple pair of binoculars! We'll explore exotic moons, icy comets, rocky asteroids and dwarf planets on our tour of the solar system, and sneak a peek at interstellar objects recently detected that passed right through our solar system!

We'll also learn about how it might be raining gemstones on the ice giants, how Jupiter regularly shocks its moons, how diamonds are actually quite common outside our solar system, and discover the one planet that actually has a tail!

This class is presented in a non-evolution, non-creation viewpoint so everyone can participate.

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